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Food for thought (part 2)a new discussion


I guess that with my first posting, I have raised the bar a bit higher than I wanted for myself, but regardless, I shall make a new post. I want to thank everyone who has read my forst post and glad it has developed into a healthy discussion and a lot of exchange in experiences and personal records, keep them up. As I can see, here are people from many different walks of life yet united by the same problem. I am presenting you on this forum some of my notes from my next book. I shall make three posts altogether, this being my second.

I have decided to make these posts to help others realise their potential and as I titled it wanted to give forum users some food for thought; but also help understand that we are more empowered than “corporations” or government(s), or trusts will have you believing (NHS especially). In a way I kind of want to explore further some of Allen Carr’s teachings, by the way who’s books I would highly recommend, even simply for personal development. I want to say that a phrase “you can do anything if you put your mind to it” is not just a cliché, it’s just that a majority of us do need that helping push in opening our minds. This is the reason that I am making these posts, I am just trying to help people realise the potential of their mind (and also get an opinion on whether I make any sense and should carry on with this book). The previous post did not take too long for me to make, but it has raised some interest, and that already is a huge achievement for me, and proves that you the readers too strive for perfection and want to share your views.

Without further a due, I want to try and make another point with this post and hopefully start another interesting discussion. The reason why I am trying to help people around me fight tobacco smoking, is because I believe that we as a society have a responsibility. In my previous post I have put forward my short theory that dealing with death possibly being a root cause. Well, in this post I want to say that our parenting instincts and our responsibility before the younger generation should surely be a great motivation. “Sometimes I stop and stare at the younger, my heart goes to them. They tested, I understand the stress that they’re under, and in our days things changed, everyone's ashamed of the youth because the truth looks strange, and for me it's reversed, because we left them a world that's cursed, and it hurts”. In the previous sentence I have quoted a well known 20th century poet (with slight added changes), who has always been a motivation for me. Motivation is the key word here, and what I believe is as important for survival just as water and air. Find yours and you will succeed at whatever you want to achieve, whether it’s stopping smoking or something else . Just remember to think with your heart, and fight with your head.

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