No Smoking Day

The badest penny

of all the bad pennies is back.

I won't and don't need to dwell on my past attempts and failures most of us have been there so you know the score but come this Friday at approx 16.40 I will be into my 3rd week off the evil weed.

This time I signed up with my local NHS stop smoking program at my local chemist near to where I work, I believe it’s a 5 – 7 week program and I get my patches at prescription charges as supposed to £14.00 plus. I also need to blow into this machine each week to test my carbon monoxide (or what ever it is) levels, the day I signed up the reading was 14 and then Friday 27th Feb it was 2.

I really feel that with the added incentive of having to go back to see the pharmacist each Friday it has given me more hope and desire to kick this evil thing once and for all.

In case anyone is interested I am currently on 15mg patches with the view to drop to a weaker patch this Friday.

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Good to see you back (v carefully worded there whilst noting team name).

Keep us in touch with how it's going at the pharma. Remember to come and celebrate or rant and rave if so required.

Is there not a possibility to resurrect this team? Jan is back here but not posting too much, and I know that Sue is also wishing to give things another shot - pun entirely intentional.



Welcome home mate and well done on your new quit. xxxxxx



I am doing the chemist thing too. It gives me a great feeling of achievment to see the carbon thingy at 0 now. It maybe helps that my chemist is my daughters brownie pack leader and I am a bit scared of her!! I was on patches but took myself off them Sunday as I started to feel they were hindering after three weeks of helping. Good for you trying again!


Welcome back HM,

Keep on rolling!!;)


Welcome back and good luck with this quit, huge well done on getting to your 3rd week :)




Hi Hairy Marble

Welcome back and well done on three weeks quit

Good Luck



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