No Smoking Day

A little help

Hey Everyone,

Now that I have registered, I thought I would pop back and provide some helpful links that really helped me in my first few days (day 12 today!!)

First of all, it does get better and you feel so much better about yourself, even within 12 days!

There are lots of different ways to quit and methods, but I find just reading these different methods, very helpful. Anything negative you read about smoking can only be a good thing.

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Hi Jaimie

Well done on 12 days quit you are doing great hope you are proud of yourself as you should be

Thanks for the link, had a quick look and added it to favourites for better read later

Hear are a couple I think you will find useful I know I did and

Good Luck



Hi Jamie

Well done on getting to day 12, that is great stuff.

Keep us up to date on how you are doing.




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