Day 6 Fantastic

Hello everyone well when i woke up today and i didn't have a patch i had quite a crave and i accidentally ............................ did not let it beat me loll. I am doing so well. But my hunger has taken control and i am actually enjoying my meals a lot more and i am so pleased. No more smelling like smoke which is really good. And it is thanks to everyone here and my patches. I know now that this was definitely the right thing to do for me. And i also know that i am saving everything i right in here so for \future reference when i a have my children if they smoke i will let them read them and it might help. I have recommended a few people to this forum and they said they will check it out. Thanks so much x

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  • I am doing so well.

    You certainly are :D:D

    As a famous quitter here says, "keep the faith" :cool:


  • Hi Rand

    Day 6 already you are doing great so glad you are happy with your quit

    Just hang in there

    All the best Margxx

  • hey hey hey it is fantastic x

  • Congratulations on day 6,you can do this.

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