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15 weeks wow


hi all,,have not been on here for a few days...but im back to tell you all ,,i am on 15 weeks or 105 days,,how good is that wow,,feels so gooddddddd:D,one more week and i will be posting in the 4 months thread,,

just looked at my quitkeeper,,and it says not smoked 3,150 cigarettes,,,money saved £757,,,life saved i week 3 days 23 hours,,its unreal when you look back at what we spent on fags,,and how much we smoked:eek:and we allways found the money for the fags some how,,but thats all in the past for me,,,,i am an non smoker,come what may,what ever life trowes at me i will never smoke again,,and that goes for all you lot as well,,N.O.M.P,,im:D group hugs all round,,aaaaaaa thats better,,you all keep the faith tony keep:D

P.S,all you newbies ,,we on here have gone throught the same as you lot,,what ever helps you to quit stick with it,you will get throught it ,plus keep the faith tony

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NicFirth10 Years Smoke Free

Great work Tony,

I can see the faith has been well kept ;)

cheers nic for that tony

Tony, Good for you getting to 15 weeks!! Can't wait till I get there. Keep going as I know you will. Great job! :D

Quit: Jan 18, 2009

Method: CT

Nice one, Tony - well done, mate.

Keep the Faith.

Well done Tony.

Your a total rock CONGRATS.xxxxx

:D Well done tony !! you have done great !!! now keep going !:)

Tracey x

thank you all tony

Hi Tony

Way to go mate well done.:cool:


Hi Tony

Huge well done, great achievement hun :)

You are an inspiration to us all.



Hi Tony

Wonderful 15 weeks is great :D

Yes you are a NON SMOKER and so am I

I like this group hug makes me feel really happy

The amount of money wadted on fags makes me want to cry so it's frightening as is the amount of fags smoked

I have a weeping Willow in a tub and noticed today it has all it's little fluffy bits out so spring must be here Hooray

Keeping the faith



you should be well pleased:D

getting there

hi tony

all i can say is ..... its gooooooooooooood to be a non smoker

we still get the urges but generally we move past that but.........

you have to wonder why people go back to smoking after getting a good taste of smoke free lungs.

i can talk i hit 107 day last time and started smoking for no good reason but on

26/02/2009 i will have reached the 107 day mark again but this time i know its for keeps.


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