No Smoking Day

Day 5 Yey

Hello everyone i have completed my day 5 successfully i am so pleased. All i can say is that its deffinitly made a change to me and i am so happy and i dont really have many craving left. The patches are working well and im off to the docters tomorrow to get some more. I am so please with myself. I have realised alot of the work has been me and my will power and of course all of you who have helped me i am so happy. I can't write much today as i am going to get an early night. x becca

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Hi Becca :D

Day 5 wonderful you sound really happy and upbeat I am so pleased for you that willpower of yours is obviously in good working order keep it up


Margaret xx


Hi Becca

That is great news hun, 5 days is a fab start and you should be so proud of yourself.

These forums have certainly helped alot of people with their quits me included. Good luck with the rest of your quit. You are doing great :)




Well done Becca you're doing great:).


well done keep up the good work:D


ah well done doing so well


Well done Becs feels great doesn't it? you are doing really well, don't let complacency get the better of you-always be focused and aware of the nicodemons



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