No Smoking Day

Seven weeks and two days!

Have now made it to just over the 7 week mark. Have done it without any NRT so feeling quite proud of myself :)

Haven't had too much in the way of cravings, miss smoking when I have a drink but I've even tried to cut that down so I'm not tempted.

Haven't put on any great amount of weight, which was a concern for me, so that's a plus point too.

My husband is doing it at the same time which I think helps, neither is willing to slip and lose face to the other. Haha!

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Well done you that's a great achievement.

Congratulations to the pair of you.


Congratulations ... I'll be delighted when i get to 7 weeks!! I am only on my 3rd day but for me, is a big achievement!


Hi W B

7 weeks and 2 days is great well done to you and your hubby you have every right to be proud of youselves

Good Luck



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