No Smoking Day

My reasons

Well I've been having a look around the site and I can't find a newbies area so thought I would start here - Hi everyone!! :)

I haven't had a fag for 12 days now and I'm really starting to struggle. I have been reading other people's post on why they quit and they have inspired me, it seemed like it would help to write down my reasons.

(1) Money - No explanation needed!

(2) Health - I'm 24 and feel permanently tired all the time (well I did until I quit!) Plus there are so many other scary things that can be caused by smoking.

(3) It's horrible - it makes me smell bad (no amount of perfume will cover the awful smell, I have just been kidding myself :( ) Plus there's the risk of yellow teeth/fingers etc. yuck

Anyway just wanted to say hi and good luck to everyone else - I'm sure you'll be seeing a lot more of me in the future

Clio x

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Hi Clio

Welcome to the forum 12 days is great and things will get better for you now

You will find plenty of help on here we all help each other as much as we can

there is plenty to read and the more you read the easier it will be there are lots of links in the posts on here juct click on them 2 I found really good were and

Good Luck



Hi Clio

Well done on getting to day 12. It really does start to get easier now, although there are obviously still times when it feels really tough.

Anyway - you've stopped smoking now so well done.

The hard part is not starting again - that nicodemon will try to persuade you that you could just have the odd one but you must stay stron and fight him off because we all know that can't be done. Non-smokers (which you are now) don't smoke at all - not one puff!

Welcome to the forum - read, read and read some more. Understand your enemy!


Margeret - thanks for the websites I will have a look. I need all the help I can get!

Jerry-Lee - Your post has really helped. I've quit before and usually start again by having the 'odd fag here and there' but you're right - we are non-smokers, no reason to even have one fag! :cool:

Hope the quitting is going well for you both!

clio x


Well done to get this far and it is great to keep remembering the reasons, I try to do it when the going gets tough and it really helps and keep busy, busy, busy!!

Good luck!


Welcome Clio,

Here was as good a place as anywhere to say hi :)

I agree with all that has been said before. Keep posting on the forum whenever you feel you need some support or just for a laugh. Having a laugh on here also helps :D



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