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Still going day 3

Well today is not a hard day except i am so tired all the time. I wrote in on my day 2 that i was so tempted but i did not have one just to make that clear, instead i had a cup of tea and went to bed. When i woke up today my throat is really hurting but i guess that is because i am not smoking. I haven't had a craving today and i also don't have a patch on. But i will be putting one on in a little while. I feel like i can taste a lot better today and i also feel like i can breathe a lot clearer. And i have promised myself a few things if i get through this week. Which i know i will. But once again this forum is brilliant when you feel like you need to go back and smoke but it stop you. Because of all the help people are giving you here. I am also going to start jogging at the end of this week after ive given my body time to forget about smoking. I want to do the race for life but run all the way around this time. I am just so glad that i don't smoke anymore. I will be updating today about dinner time,


OK well it is really hard right now. I need one so bad but i am not going to have one. I am really really tired and it think it is because my body is getting healthy. I am really happy with the support i have been getting from here thanks so much for helping me. I haven't got a patch on and i think i have been without a patch for 4 hours. But as i explained on my first day i could only go 2 hours without a patch so maybe e it is time for one. My fiance is also doing really well he hasn't had a cigarette all day i am so so proud of him he was a heavier smoker than me and he is not using anything to give up. am so proud of myself it just goes to show i can do this and i will do this. And good luck to everyone else out there giving up. ill post the rest tonight x

Tea Time

Well i must say housework does keep you busy. When i was craving at dinner time read all the replies i had and i just thought to my self no way is this beating me. I cleaned my fiances house from top to bottom and i am feeling so much better. Who need cigarettes when you have a hover and a mop? I am so happy with myself that i have gotten this far. My fiance however did something he shouldn't have. He got a cigarette of his sister and hid it under the bed but i found it and snapped it in front of him. LOL. I am glad i did it and so is he he is still going strong. And i am . Thanks \again for all of your support you are really helping me through this. I have had a patch on for a while today except for the 4 hours and it is brilliant. There is something else that you may find helpful we have my fiances dad smoking at home and the smell does make you want one we bought a oil burner with ylang smell. And we have put it on and its brilliant it is even sending our border collie to sleep :) So thank you for your help i look forward to posting tomorrow.

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Well done you!!!:)

I know you had a pretty miserable time yesterday so to get through that just shows how determined you are, you are doing fab, keep us posted, we are all there for you xxx ;)


well done, read your entry from yesterday you are doing so well,

even though i am on champix and finding it not as bad...alot of that is because its half term and i havent seen anyone and i havent been at college ,lots of my friends i have had a week without being thrown into real my hat off to you for doing so well xx


Hi Rand :D

Day 3 that is great but it will soon start to get easier I promise and you are already starting to feel the benefits with things tasting better and breathing easier which is brilliant sorry you are finding it harder this afternoon but on day 1 you only went 2 hrs without patch taday it is 4 so you are doing better already Just keep going

Love Margaretxx


Final thought on day 3

Thanks too everyone who helped me get through today. This morning was hard and horrible for cravings. But i think it is just the nicotine getting out of my body and i am not letting my body have anymore. I am in control now and i can feel that and i know that sounds a little strange but that is what i feel like right now. I also had a few wierd things that popped up today here they are:

[*]While making coffee before i used water i could actually smell the powder which i havent done before.

[*]I feel like a new person

[*]I feel clean i enjoy not smoking

[*]you can be like this too with the help from this forum

Also there is another thing i would like to say i would not have gotten through today if it wasn't for this forum support from my family and a mop and bucket.

Becca x


You're doing great Becca.

I'm just over 5 weeks, and it does get better.

The further you go, the more proud you feel and the less you want to go back to day 1.

You have it all to look forward to. Be proud of every day, cos you should.

Well done.;)



Thankyou very much also im proud of you for giving up for soo long x


One day after another adds up over time, before you know it you'll be into your 2nd week then a month, a year and for ever after.

You are doing great!


Morning Rank

Day 4 you should start to feel better realy soon your almost over the worse. Be proud of yourself this is a great thing we are doing for our selfs.xxxx


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