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glad i found you lot

well day twelve day and im feeling good loads better then yesterday but it may be because ive been to the science muesum cant spell it lol but i dont care. but i love this site wish i had beentold about it when i had quit the other times but before i have never actually wanted to quit but this time i do cant wait to go to the docs next week and say no i have not had a sig. and that about just have one it is rubbish that one always leads me to two and then before i know it i have smoked a packet of twenty as i dont want to waste them so nah nah nah nah. felt good today as well because we went with a few of us 9 kids and 6 adults and each adult asked me did i have any sigs it was good to say you know i dont smoke and when they went out side to smoke i went in the experiment room with all the kids so we had played on everything before they came back in . im a sad little person but i did feel good and had extra quality time with my own kids. and i wernt cracking up at the train station cause i could not have a fag it was funny watching them all snap, mad how a paper and tobacco can make people argue when they need one.and im twelve steps away:D

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blinking eck put it in wrong place doh


Great to hear you had a fab day at the science museum-and quality time with your children-i bet they feel proud of YOU for stopping smoking-everyone a winner especially you

well done-nearly 2 weeks eeeeeeeeeee how exciting xxxx


Hello Jo jo,

You are doing bloody brilliantly getting to 12 days! Weyhayy! You are well over the worst now, and only have to keep taking little daily steps to ensure you remain a NON smoker

Keep posting so I know how you are getting on my dear

DM xxx


Hi JoJo

Well done you almost 2 weeks that's wonderful really pleased you enjoyed your day at the museum with your

I'm having 2 of my granddaughters today one 6 the other 9 while the older one goes to town with Mum to spend birthday money



Jo Jo

good for you hun, i can remember when this site was a major part of my day, to help me get through. this site is a real life saver, in every sense of the meaning.

Just take it one day at a time, and come on here and post as many times as you need to.



Hi Sandie



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