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Day 2

Hello well today has to have been the most hardest day for me. I got out of bed and i didn't really think about cigarettes i had a cup of tea and got ready added a patch to my arm and went shopping. I have ate a lot today but i\only healthy foods which don't have many calories until tonight. It was my baby cousins birthday party and i thought hey the kids are starting to settle down so me and my auntie had a glass of Rose wine. My fiance decided he needed a cigarette so i told him he didn't and that he cant just keep falling down and starting up again. He had one but that is all so far. I am still determined but the cravings are kicking in. I am not too sure about the patches side effects but i was sick today so i had to take it off. Maybe that is why i am craving like hell. They smell horrible it is only my first day and it really really does stink. I hate it i had a look at a few \smokers as i walked past them and looked at their faces while they were smoking they didn't look happy. They didn't seem to be enjoying it at all. I just want to quit. I have been drinking water to help flush everything out of my body and to keep myself well hydrated as i have noticed i have been going at little dehydrated while i am quitting. I now know that i need as much as support as i can get. I'm sick of craving but i wont give in. I will stay strong and i will carry on not smoking and i am going to keep telling my self IM A NON SMOKER

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Well done you-i had that feeling of dread when reading your thread as it brings back bad memories!!!!

I was once there feeling exactly like you-5 months plus later i feel relaxed and in control-the first three days really are the hardest!! but after that it gets easier and easier....

Its good to read newbie post as it makes me realise the distance i have travelled-you will be there soon xxxx


Hi Randkwatson :)

Sorry you feel rough I well remember feeling like that but it will soon start to get better I promise you say you passed some smokers who didn't look like they were enjoying it and you just want to quit correction YOU HAVE QUIT you are a Non Smoker

I remember reading on here a while back someone was cutting patches in half maybe that would work for you as well so that you wern't getting such a high dose I don't no much about patches though sorry

Try reading as much as you can this really does help there are plenty of links on here at the bottom of a lot of posts 2 I founf very helpful are and just click on the link the more you read the easier it will be

Just hang in there

Good Luck



Hello you,

The first few weeks (not days) are pretty challenging, but from what you have said, I believe you WILL get through them. If you can see your partner smoke, and still resist, you are a proper NON-SMOKER......... :)

Take one hour at a time and then one day at a time......

Right behind you.... DM xxx



I just want to say thank you to you all for the support from yesterday. I got through the sticky patch of wanting to have a cigarette i went to bed watched a movie fell asleep after about 5 min and i have done really good and i am proud to say here is another day gone by as a non smoker.


Welcome your on day 3 already. The first week is by far the worse do what ever it takes to get past the first week. Things will improve a lot after that. Stick with it you are doing fab and you will be so proud of your self this time next week. xxxxxxxx


Congratulations for Day 5!

But you're on a different board now right? That's the problem with this board (I know you didn't ask to hear one . . .but still)

The quirkyness of this forum is nice but it's hard to keep track of the same user's continual experience. Sure you can search for posts by username but why can't threads be moved to reflect the original poster's current position in the giving up timescale? I appreciate it's a lot of work but it's also a lot of work to maintain a forum for each individual day. It would save people posting to threads that aren't going to be looked at much anymore too.

Aside from that, I've found the best thing you can do for giving up is to take care of yourself, if you're thirsty, drink, if you're hungry, eat, if you're tired, sleep. Shower ofter and keep brushing your teeth. These are the basic things a human can do, but often something we neglect when giving up, which makes us agitated and if it doesn't make us cave then it makes the process a hell of a lot more difficult than it ought to be.


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