Day 11 I'm CT :D

Day 11 and with the spray the doc gave me for my PND is already much better, I decided to give CT a try today, I was only using 3 lozenges a day so I thought I could probably get by without them. Today has been fine, I've just been crunching through aniseed balls like they're going out of fashion:o I'm joining the gym on Monday so I can say I have got my life back, I love exercising but couldn't because of the effects of the fags, I'm so happy, can you tell?:D

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  • AWWWW well done yvette-you're going great guns (shame we dont live close by could have been the lycra queens together!!)

  • Shabba I could loan you some really cute lycra numbers;)lol.

  • gotta be pink and glittery babe PINK and Glittery lol;););)

  • I got the perfect oufit for you then;) hehe. I don't do ordinary gym gear I've got some sexy little numbers from Brazil:D I get away with them at my age because I'm a size 6 :p Age is only a number anyway (my fave saying at the moment lol).

  • Sounds good!!! do i need a brazilian wax before i put it on Ha!

    Anyway digressing!! Im ruining your thread xxxx

  • :rolleyes: lol

  • Hi Yvette :D :D

    Well done day 11 already I am so pleased that you are feeling better today and you have stopped the lozenges as well that's great you sound really happy and confident just hang in there you know you can do this

    All the best

    Love Margxxxxxxxx

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