No Smoking Day
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Hooray! One Month

1 month.

Just wanna thank all the people who post on this forum.

Especially the people who haven't smoked for a long time, who

continue to contribute to this wonderful resource.

Thanks everybody!

and again, I'd just like to mention that--

listening to & reading allen carr's "easy way to stop smoking"

helped me get into a great state of mind realising that there is

NOTHING to give up.

And then trying to help other smokers in the real world and on these forums helps to keep me stay stopped.

That is also how many Alcoholics & drug addicts stay sober -helping others :)

I love being a non smoker!

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Congrats Reddlyon,

1 month...another big step forward into freedom.

Hope you're enjoying your summer whilst we're freezing our proverbials off.

Keep on keepin' on,



Hi Reddlyon,

Congratulations on the month stick with it, it really worth it.



Well done redlyon

Its easy isn't it!!!! :D


Hi Reddlyon

Well done 1 month is great just hang in there

all the best


well done..........what a huge achievment......keep up the good work ...carol-anne xx


Woo hoo - that's fantastic! And I'd like to back up what you say about the people who stopped smoking a long time ago yet still offer support on here - it's so important - it lets us 'newbies' know that we can do it long-term.

One month down... many more fantastic years as a non-smoker to come... :D


Thanks everybody!

what a cool place:)


Congratulations :)

lots of dedicated help on here....... cheers everyone xx


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