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4 Months!!!

Hello everyone, hope you are all okay.

This weekend is my four month anniversary of quitting and every day this gets easier and easier.

Last week, I found out that an old friend had died and it came as a complete shock and one of the first things that ran through my mind was what to do? have a fag to cushion the blow came the response.......but I quickly realised that smoking would still leave me grieving with the extra added problem of cigarettes again so that was a no brainer. I think I can deal with the blows that life dishes out now and then without cigarettes.

The weight issue was a bit of a problem but I have been working really hard to change my lifestyle and have got back down to 9.5 stone which is my thinnest and what I was originally back in 2000.

I decided I was NOT going to move from one crutch to another, hopping from chocolates biscuits to wine just because cigs are no longer available.

Exercising was difficult at first, particuarly high impact cardio stuff but I can do more and more and my chest doesn't wheeze or hurt at all like it did in the beginning.

I am now really enjoying keeping fit and have so much more energy.

Basically, this is the maths:-

Quit smoking + exercise/diet + very little alcohol = bags of zest and energy!!! wardrobe is bursting with clothes that I can afford because I am saving so much money by not buying fags.

All in all, this must be one of the smartest (if not the) things I have ever done, correction, that we have ever done.

I am even jogging at the weekends and am saving up my fag money for a bike!

Roll on spring, I am really looking forward to an energetic summer this year!!!!

Anyway, enough! Hope you are all doing well and feeling fine and lets keep up the good work!

Oh, and to echo the words of the fine Mr Carr: if I had known how good I would have felt four months down the line after quitting, I would have done it years ago! Has it really been the nightmare that the NHS would have us believe quitting really has it's moments but not really!

Lisa xx :D

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Hi Lisa Oscar

4 months quit is wonderful sorry about your freind yet despite this blow you have stayed smokefree well done you

All the best



hi lisa ...well done ,im also 4months quit today , thank you for your support in the past ...........perhaps you would be my quit buddy, i like your philosophy an:Dd love the your name .............reminds me of an old 'dharma bums' book i used to read in my teens, jack kerouac i recall xx


congrats on 4 months lisa,,loved your post,you are very strong willed,,lets have a big GROUP HUG i too have saved a lot of money,,so i can buy more fishing geer,,feels good lisa does in it,,, im 2 weeks behind you ,lets all keep the faith tony keep:D:D


Congrats to Krismatt and lisa-4 months in the bag!!! well done xx


Congrats to both also, 4 months is awesome... you both sound very positive these days as well.... very nice :D


Great post Lisa

I think you have got it sussed.;):D


A fine post Lisa well done on the 4 month.

Another WIN for the changing your way of thinking, Allen Carr style!


Well done Lisa

4 months is fantastic and it's great that you are so positive.:)




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