98 days wow

i can not belive i am 14 weeks or 98 days quit,,:D wow and again wow,,,its that old saying,, time and tide wates for no man,,how true is that,,were has the time gone,,when i stoped smoking in nov 08 i did not think i would last this long,,but here i am 98 days down the line,,feel so goodddddd, i could crush a grape :

and come friday i will be at the magic number of 100 DAYS :D now how good it that,,going to treat my self to a new whip [,,no no girls not that kind of whip,,its a whip for fishing,,you girls have one track minds :D,,

went fishing on tuesday and had a good day ,well ever day is allways good when you go fishing,,caught one carp,about 2&a half pounds and one skimmer,not much fish about,but a very relaxing day,,

jerry lee get of your but and do some fishing,,you know you want too

all of you lot keep the faith tony keep:D

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  • Hi Tony :D

    Well done 14 weeks/98days done already I follow to 100 days 0n 25th quite a milestone eh

    Hope you enjoyed your fishing trip glad you caught something pardon my ignorance but what has a whip got to do with fishing the mind boggles

    Keeping the faith


  • a whip is a short poll with out the reel,for close in fishing,or a learner will use,,does that help :D keep the faith tony keep:D

  • Not really but thanks anyway last time I went fishing was about 40 years ago

    still got to go dinner to cook as hospital app and Lord knows when will get back


  • whipping

    made me heart beat faster when you mentioned beating mate.

    cough wheeze hmmmmmm only because i errr ... ( changes conversation )

    1 day in front of you mate i quit 11 nov 2008 and yep gooooooood feeling to be smokefree.

    had me ups and downs but came through in the end.

    as we all do x


  • Congrats Tony.... superb!

    You're one of the good guys, mate - so glad you seem to be enjoying life so much :D

  • him stu,,my dad rest his soul,,use to say ,take life as it comes,and thats what i do,,i looked smoking right in the eye,and well the rest is history,,thank you all again for your support,,

    tu tu tim shame on you ,,,you have a one track mind just like marg:D:D thank you all again we all keep the faith tony keep:D

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