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been to Boots to weigh myself

put on 13 lbs - so thats why I look 6 months pregnant!!:eek: Only joking!!!:rolleyes:

You know what - for the whole of my life I've been about a size 8/10, and been absolutey determined to stay that size.

I now don't really care, eventually my weight will even off, and then I can concentrate on loosing a couple of pounds. I've tried to quit a few times in the past and vanity always got in the way -no more:D

Been off "em since September and feel great - and all you ladies weight can be lost but lives can't be gained!!!

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Awww well done, I must admit thats one of the reasons i have never quit before because i was scared of gaining weight. As you say, we can get the weight off :)

Take care xx


Hi Annasmummy

Nice to hear from you mate. I was also size 8/10 but only since having my three kids was about 12/14 before that. i always wanted to put on a little bit cos Im 5ft 9ins and in the last almost two years of starting and stopping I have put on 1 stone so now a size 10/12 thats suits me. I think after about 6 months quit things start to even out. Well done you anyhow your doing fab. CONGRATS.xxxxx


In the 5 months of stopping smoking i have put on 9 pounds!! so moved from a size 8 to a size 10!!

Didnt care, my main goal was to stop smoking, however, been to the gym for the last 3 weeks and nearly back to my original size. So people who are worried about putting weight on-dont worry!! it is temporary and will come off!!

Gym work, running and swimming has been soooo much easier, i was quite shocked to find how easy it was taking deep breaths and not wheezing!!!!


well done ann and congrats to you ,,3 of my 5 daughters smoke ,,they say they would love to stop smoking plus my wife ,,but are worried about putting lots of weigh on,,i say hay look at me i dont smoke any more ,but they say your a man thats different,,,WHY,,i give in:confused: keep the faith tony keep:D:D


Hi Anna

I put in 2 stones in the course of the year, however, like you I was a size 8/10 so going up to a size 12 was not the end of the world.

2008 was the year I quit fags for good

2009 is the year I get that extra weight back off.

I wouldn't call it a diet exactly, I have just started eating healthier and in 5 weeks I have lost 9 pounds!!! Gone are the big bags of crisps and sweets!

I'd say a temporary weight gain is well worth it !!!! :)


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