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pressure pressure

sods law my bloody driving licnce is coming back to haunt me

i only have am automatic driving licence... yep was lazy 20 years ago but thought what the hell i wont be driving for a living.

i am a supervisor of a small team of contractors who clean the public toilets and the company i work for allready had an automatic vehicle so my licence was not a problem.

but the contract has come up for tender and they have lost it so.....

t.u.p.e. law requires that the new company must honour my contract for 3 months but has been strongly advised to pass my test in a manual as quick as possible.

so taking driving lessons and my biggest failure is reversing round corners so any help or advise would be brilliant people.

one handed and looking behind me i can do with no problem but 2 handed and i am steering that bloody car round the corner like a snake dancing to a tune.

any advice please....

ask your friends

your relatives


bank managers... err perhaps not

cheers again

tim xxx

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I drive with an automatic licence too, I was a late driver(only passed 3 yrs ago). After the amount of money I spent on lessons and then passing first time I wish I had done the manual licence. It costs a ton of money for lessons but tbh I was thinking myself to go for the manual licence, the cars are cheaper and if I go on holiday I can rent a car easy. Good luck Tim with your quit and driving!!:).


Hi Tim

Sorry I can't help re reversing when I passed my test many years ago you only had to have 1 hand on wheel and could turn in seat and I still do it that way guess they changed it since then :)

But good luck I am sure you will soon get the hang of it and pass test with flying colours

You have done so well on your quit am sure driving test will be a piece of cake

All the best



I found something to stick in the back window.

Yes, really.

With the car parked the right distance from the kerb, you will see the kerb through the back window. Get someone to stick a small sticker in the window lined up with the point you can see the kerb.

Then, when reversing, keep the sticker and kerb lined up and you know you are straight!

After the test, once I didn't have to worry.... I just started reversing on the mirrors.


Hi Tim

I thought the t.u.p.e law Was for a 12 month at least it used to be. have a go at stus idea sounds quite good. xxxx


Hi Tim

Stuart's reply reminded me that when I was learning to drive my instructor did that for me as I just couldn't get it worked for me


Hi Tim

This brings back horrible memories for me,I hated reversing round corners.

My instructor told me to start the turn when the kerb becomes visible in the small back window.

Still hate it and avoid reversing whenever possible.


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