No Smoking Day

5 Day - Still mixed feelings


Hardly any cravings today which I find dangerous in many ways since that brings back the "one will not hurt" feeling.. Guess I will have to be careful until I get to sleep.

Still no cigarette, the world smells (and not necessarily good), I am awakening to new or lost sensations. I still miss her dearly but I am nowhere near where I was yesterday. It is a roller-coaster ride I have to say. Nice to be able to put on paper the way my brain sees the world change step-by-step...

Oh and, while I have no idea where my bike key is, someone at work cut the lock in half... Ok, it looked dodgy but, at least, I did not just stand next to my bike smoking and adding to the stress!

Today is a good day and, in many ways, more dangerous than the bad ones, funny that.

Cheers for reading,


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Hi Fergus

Well done 5 days is good nearly a week it will soon get easier for you glsd you can use your bike again are you reading at all there are many links at the bottom of posts read some of them they will help

All the best


Hi Fergus

You have come a long way and almost at the end of week 1 now, you should be very proud of yourself.

You are so right saying its a rollol coaster ride, i often have a bad day or moments in the day when i could just smoke a ciggy, but i choose not to and that is the key. Keep choosing not to smoke and you will get there.

Good luck with your quit and well done not caving in.




Fergus you're doing so well keep strong:)


Hi OSG - are you posting this from an oil-rig?

Are you waking up every day to the smell of smelly oil-workers?

Hi, funnily enough no but I do train Oil Rig workers on the products my company sells... Going back to Aberdeen mid-march for this.

As for the 'just one' debate, I think it is not the fact that it might lead to a failed quit, just the fact that I would let myself down. You can fool many people but you can not fool yourself... If you are ok with it then that is fine to be honest. I tend to really harsh with myself, I have never been through any task I had set myself to do. This one is to prove to myself that:

1. I can stick to something I have set my mind to

2. I can change parts of that personality that I feel I am lumbered with rather than motivated by

I hope it makes sense,




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