No Smoking Day

tight chest

Hi evryone

I am on day 10 and I am experiencing a atight chest ( left hand side)or heart and don't know if its related to my quit smoking.

Anyway still going strong on day 10 except the some tough moments where the urge to smoke hits, Im trying to tackle psychologically this time making myself believe that its won't last forever even tho somtimes the craving lasts between 30min - 60min instead of the 5 min ...

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Hi Again and again

Welcome to the forum and well done on 10 days you are doing really well The tightness in your chest may to to do with quit but please do not mess about with it get it checked out by your GP

The craves should soon start to lessen read all you can on the subject 2 I found very helpful are and but there are lots of others on forum just click on links

Good Luck



Welcome to the site you will have good advice and support here. Congrats on your day 10 things will get much easyer and the craves will get less and less. But the chest thing I would get seen by a doctor not everything is down to giving up. I thought i just pins and needles in my arm but it turned out I have angina. better to be safe.xxxx


i still get the odd pang in my chest after nearly 4 months. dont think everyone gets it but its not uncommon i am led to believe. dont ask me what the science is behind it tho :D


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