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85 days

Well starting week thirteen today or day 85.

Also my daughter had her results today last 2 exams for accountancy 1 pass 1 fail. She said she is fine about it and will do the last one again in december. Since she got preggys again (she lost one april) not much upsets her she is so happy she is also 24 weeks today. I feel ok not one bad day since the snow felt like giving in then dont ask my why. Hope everyone else is doing ok.xxxxx

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Congrat's Linda - if anyone deserves to celebrate, it's you.

I love the way you post up to celebrate and talk about your daughter! Very admirable, but forget the family for one day and celebrate you own achievement for a change!

And I'm doing just fine thank you, a weekend of firsts for my little one and a big present bought for myself with the money saved from not smoking! :D

Very well done to you!


well done linda,,you deserve it girl,,85 days does sound better than 3 months,,what stu said linda,, celebrate for you just for once and enjoy your self,god knows you deserve it ,,all the best ,,speak to you soon tony lol keep:D:D:D


Well done Linda, what a fabulous achievement :) You should be so proud of yourself. I know we all are. You are an absolute star, you help so many with their quit. Not far off the 100 mark :) Go you!!

Stuart, how lovely..all those first moments with your children are so precious and not to be missed. So good to see you back, you were missed.




Hi Linda

Very well done 85 days 13 weeks whichever quit an acheivement


Why do we always put our families joys,and celebrations before our own but just for today put yourself first you deserve it give yourself a pat on the back and a Big drink :D :D

Love Margaretxxxxxxxxx


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