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Only smoke at home....don't want to go back

I can smoke up to 15 cigarettes a day but I only smoke at my house. When I'm there, it's day and night. I even get up at night to smoke. I've been smoking for over 20 years and I just don't understand my addiction. I cannot be at the house. If I don't have any cigarettes, my heart palpitates and I have to run to the store. If I'm not home, I can go days or weeks without smoking.

I'm on day two and doing fine. I have to go home in a few days and I just don't want to light up anymore! :confused:

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I can identify completley. I could go easily in any social or work situation without the smokes. But in the house or on my own I could not. Have just completed 7 days no smoking and for those difficult times I have taken on the advice of others on this forum. If I crave, i read this forum. I read other links posted and I also post on here. I continue till the craving stops. If you are a house smoker then access to the computer at least will not be a problem! Be strong! xx


Day two is great just build on that you may find it a little easyer if you only smoke at home only one place to crave Lol. i smoke everywhere up to 40 a day for about 34 years. Just take things in baby steps.xxxxxxxx


Hi Diving fool

Welcome and well done on 2 days after 3 days nicotine is out of your body and it will start to get easier after 7 read anything you can find just hang in there


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