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New to the forum, hiya! -Finishing week 3

Hi folks,

I'm new to this forum, and will soon have quit smoking for 3 weeks (tomorrow). However, I haven't gone cold turkey, or used NRT or pills (huh?). I used Swedish Snus, a smokeless oral tobacco, which has been very helpful in the interim, but I am quitting it today in favour of 4mg nicotine gum (I was smoking about 25 a day, and you get a hell of a lot of nicotine from a portion of snus). Now I know that tobacco is behind me, in ALL forms, a kind of reassessment of the perception I have of myself is taking place, of a healthy person, not a slave to a chemical. I'm even thinking of improving my diet, and taking exercise.

I hope I can make some friends here, perhaps encourage a few of you to achieve life-changing goals, and get some support myself. :)


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Well done on your quit so far. i must be honest I have never heared of this stuff you talk of. But I think the change to gum is no bad thing. Keep posting this is a great place for support and advice.xxxx


Hello RM

Welcome to the forum, and good luck with your quit;)


Hi Raddleman

Welcome to the forum and well done on 3 weeks quit I never heard od Swedish Snus You will get all the help and support on here that we can give we all help each other just hang in there

All the best


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