evening all

hi just a quick post ,still quit thanks to this board I was out last night for dinner with my savings it was a lovely night the wife wanted to go out as all the places would be packed to-night,now the great news the wife has set a quit date I am so happy it the best news I could get I realy hope I can support her the way you have support me love you all:)Jimbo

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  • Hi Jim

    That is great news about your wife setting a quit date hun.

    Well done you on your quit, bet it felt good in the restaurant not having to dash outside for a ciggy between courses :D



  • Nice one mate, pleased to hear you had an enjoyable time. Great to hear about your wife too. It can be a weight off the shoulders when you know a loved one is stopping smoking too.

    Congrats :)

  • Hi Jimbo

    Glad you had a good night out last night :D

    Am so pleased for you that your wife has set a quit date give her my best wishes :) of course you will be able to support her and we will all help you if that is what she wants

    All the best to you both


  • Jimbo thats great news ref: the wifey saving herself to a life doomed with smelly nicodemons!!

    Hopefully she is doing it for herself and not for you??? Glad to hear there is still some romance left in this world-good to read you had a lovely night with your wife xxx

    all the best to you both xx

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