No Smoking Day

day three the shakes

survived, what can I say my chest pains well gone. My hubby on the forth day of quit, well done him, but he loves his beer, I am on day three and feeling the effects of the wine. I would have prefered to curl up with a good film or a book but hubby loves his beer at the weekend. Miss the routine of hubby calling out in the adverts or inbetween tracks of karaoke Fag!!! (a break where whe talk twaldle round the table but in beer somehow that twadle makes sence).

So I have improvised, and made a pretend cig. boy it helped I missed something in my hand.

Its very hard but I am surviving which is the main thing

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Hi Dixie :D

Day 3 for you and day 4 for hubby well done both of you A pretend fag is fine whatever helps you things will soon begin to get easier just hang in there

Good Luck



well done! Keep going! xx


Hi Dixie

Day five today and six for hubby. Well done first week will soon be over. i remember on my first quit made a ciggy out of rolled up note pad it help a little. Keep strong


well done to you both,,best thing you both could have done,,it will get better as time gos by,,remember,,KNOWLEDGE IS POWER,, you both keep the faith tony keep:D:D:D