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No Smoking Day
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Better than expected

Day 3 is here and going better than Day 2 did with far fewer longings for a cigarette.

When I decided to stop smoking, I was on my last pack of the previous weeks cigarettes and had around 13 left in pack but I didn't throw the pack away because I knew that if things went wrong and I couldn't hold out with not smoking, I would panic and go out and buy a pack so I kept the pack, just in case, and it's still sitting where I put it when I decided to stop, untouched :rolleyes:

It was so good when I did my online shopping list with NO cigarettes on the list, been longing to do that for a long time now, but I didn't think I would ever be able to do it.

I'm still having sleeping problems and because of it I tend to get my sleep during the day because of not being able to sleep at night but being retired makes the problem easier to cope with.

Anyway overall, I seem to be doing ok, hope I can keep it up ;)

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Great stuff M-S,

Everyday's a new day, and especially so whilst you are going through the first few days taking charge of your life again ... you should be proud of your achievements.

If you have some spare time you may wish to read some of the information in the links below. Understanding what's happening to you as the nicotine is leaving your system could help you get right on top of your quit early on.

Have a good smoke free day 3 :)



Hi Must stop

Well done 3 days already It will get better soon I don't shop online but well remember the feeling when I went to the supermarket and for the first time did not buy fags

Anyway all the best Just hang in there


I always keep some cigarettes 'just in case'. Because sometimes the feeling of not having them if you decide you think you want them makes it worse.

Times before I've had really bad cravings, maybe the time wasn't good for me to quit, I left some cigarettes in the cupboard and told myself if I went to reach for them 3 times, then I would give in on the last attempt, I never did. If I didn't have the cigarettes it would've been much worse, this way I felt like I was in control of the decision, not having it made for me by not having any in the house to smoke, also helps you resist temptation, just because they are there doesn't mean you have to take them.

I've also tried a different technique before, whenever I thought I wanted one, would take one out of the pack, look at it, think of all the reasons I gave up and then crumble it to pieces, both worked for me.

This time I haven't needed to do either. There are cigarettes in the house because my house mate smokes, but I'm not tempted at all. :D


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