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my reasones for giving up

here are my 3 reasones why i gave up:

1: im hoping to join the royal navy soon, so health.

2: Scared, i have only just started to see the hidden chain around my ancles. im scared that i would always have it so i just had to prove to myself that i can break those chains that i would not place myself second to a white stick. im worth more than that. so self respect.

3. the 3rd is 'self image' i read on here about people giving up because of the children and many other social reasons. 6 weeks ago if i had to choose between a day without a smoke or a week without food i would have chose have a smoke and to starve. unbelievable the things we do for them, we stink for them, we wake up for them, we worry about how they are going to return to you once they have ran out. in a way we are possesive over them. i would rather have a family when im older and not a obbsessive relationship with a disgusting little cancer stick.

in the words of the legendary QUEEN 'i want to be free' (having a little dance ;) )

thes are my resones hope ppl can relate any1 got any other reasones why the want to give up?

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Hi Sourlink

Good post and I hope you acheive everything you want out of life

good luck


Health, children, money, smell and loss of time wasted on having a cig


Here's a reason for quitting that I had never thought of before:

Walked into a store today that has a florist at the entrance. I walked through the door and smelled nothing but flowers. I never noticed that before and I have been going in there for years.


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