No Smoking Day

day 6 - My motivation

Let me tell you somthing guys, IT IS NOT EASY AT ALL, what keeps me motivated is that all my close family (parents, cousins, bro,sis, uncles,aunties) stopped smoking there is litterally just me left. My dad who was smoking over 60/day with a pack of cigarettes everywhere you can imagine (car/bedroom/sittingroom/workplace,pockets....)you name it, one day he woke up and decided not to smoke anymore..its been a good 7 years now.

I know lots of heavy smokers who managed to do it for years and are completly off it now, they keep on asking how come I cannot give up and that they done and eventually you will stop thinking about smoking.

I am in touch with people everyday and they are normal humans, SO Hopefully its my turn now ...

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Bloody hell - you are doing great.

You know - giving up smoking is incredibly hard. I always thought that there was a 'point' (like day 5) that miraculously turned off all the cravings and symptoms.

It is not so - it just gradually reduces, day after day after day..... you have to put up with the crap. I am on day 25, it is getting LOADS better but still, I am experiencing withdrawel and cravings. Stick with it....

DM xx


Hey A&A,

Sometimes it is the catalyst of a family member or good friend successfully quitting that sweeps through families and/or groups of friends. I stopped only 13 months ago and so far that influenced my sis and brother in law, and 2 good friends to stop. But the thing is they wanted to stop. And that's the important factor to start the journey back to a normal healthy way of life.

We all seem to know somebody who quit one day and never looked back. I'd suggest there is more to that than meets the eye. Aside from that the main issue is that you are trying to quit and you seem to be feeling the pressure from your peers. Don't! This is your quit and if you are having a difficult time then IMHO you have to flip the proverbial switch to the 'secret'. And the 'secret' is not a miracle's more about understanding the process. Have a look at the links in my sig which should help you with that.



Hi There :)

Well done Day 6 already it really will start to get easier now you are over the worst that does not mean you can let your guard down

I think for most of us there comes a point when we either say or think thats it ENOUGH NO MORE that point came for me at beginning of Nov 08 when I found out how well my son was doing so may have been a bit of if he can do it so can I but whatever it worked I have now been smoke free for 12 weeks

and feel really well

Good Luck


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