No Smoking Day

you must learn

you must learn about the simple psychology behind non smoking,,find out why you may have found it diffcult in the past,and learn the simple steps that you can take now to give up for ever,,,in other words--befully prepared before you begin the journey---and the the journey will be a joy and an absulute success,,some thing i picked up on the net,and its so true,,just keep the faith tony

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Hi Tony

Guess that's why we all keep telling Newbies to read, read and read some more but the more I read and learned the easier it became

Keeping the faith



Excellent post Tony. I wish we could "favorite" posts like you can favorite videos on youtube, so you could come back to them and read them again when having a bad crave. I suppose the obvious thing for me to do is make a scrap book in notepad and copy/paste them in there.


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