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Did I take a puff or not????

Hi all,

Drank lots of wine last night and really missed smoking :mad:....I have been really good so far and not given into temptation at all, even on nights out with smoking friends etc...however last night I got the electric cigarette out, but I think it has a 'no nicotine' cartridge in it...I'm not was totally unsatisfying and it has left me with a really awful sore throat, ( I've had a sore throat for about a week anyway) and my cold is worse.......has anyone else got a sore throat and a cold?

Have I cheated or not? I don't think I had any nicotine....but why do I feel like I gave in and have let myself down? :(

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You haven't let yourself down. I have the most awful sore throat, bunged up nose, feel lousy and have felt like this for over and week and its not a cold. Cranky, miserable, irritable, you name it and I'm it... Starting to wonder why I am putting myself through this.


Hi Both

Sounds like you both have a dose of the winter blues but cheer up spring is around the corner we hope

Until then why don't you do as I am and take Actimel {drinking Yoghurt} every day it builds up the immune system I started to have them again when got loads of colds etc after quit haven't had one since

You can get Actimel at any supermarket

Best wishes


Here's a wee parable from a legendary member:

"I posted this a while ago and thought posting it again may help the newer quitters who have joined the board Rather than deal with an abstract concept that is 'stopping smoking', I and many other found that personifying and making 'real' the smoking part of ourselves made leaving it behind as we got on with life a lot easier to do. I still see the smoking part of myself as something that will trick me whenever he can and this does really make ignoring it easier and keeping quit easier. Maybe after reading this you may get a different perspective on your quit that will make it easier to handle.

Inside of every smoker lives a demon. His name is Nicodemon and he just loves to wallow in smoke. He pretends to be your friend but he really isnt - It is all about Nicodemon. He is very sneaky and will do anything to keep you smoking so he can create his ideal environment. When we quit smoking it is bad news for him cos he cant survive without the smoke - the first thing that happens is that we put a cage around him - we are about to do battle........ At first he starts to laugh at us - He tells us we cant do this - after all - havent you tried so many times before and it didnt work - he tells us we are not strong enough - he ridicules our good intentions. He is so confident - he makes us question our abilities.

HOWEVER, after a few days, he realises that we are serious this time - he starts to get nervous - we have created a prison for him - He is now encaged and is angry - very angry. How dare we do this to him - We are starving him - he will die if he doesnt get smoke. He NEEDS it to survive. This is war. This is the time when he will come up with all sorts of reasons telling you why you should have just that one puff - but you are smarter than that - you now have the tools to fight back - Go on , pick them up and use them.......

So there is ol Nicodemon in his cage, totally enraged - climbing the walls - trying to bargain with you - after a little while he gets weaker and weaker and slithers down the wall and sits in abject misery on the floor. Every now and then he has a little temper tantram - desperately trying to get us to take that cigarette. He gets weaker and weaker and eventually he will die........

HOWEVER, before s/he dies s/he lays an egg - This egg will remain inside the smoker for the rest of their lives. That is ok - as long as that person doesnt smoke then the egg is inactive. But at the first hint of any smoke the egg will hatch and a brand new Nicodemon is born.

Each morning get up and reaffirm to the Nicodemon that today isn't the day he gets his new life, you are chosing not to smoke for today, the same as you did yesterday and will again tomorrow." (© Catwoman)


you're good to go i'm sure,

the only reason you ask on here is because something inside of you is secretly looking for an excuse to smoke.

if you can get over the fact that yes, you cheated, you can realize that in the thick of things, you dont want to smoke. you can't let something like that wreck what you've accomplished, especially if you're in this dam 2 month forum already

stay strong and leave the excuses at home-- you're doing good.


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