No Smoking Day
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hello to all day 4ers!

Today I feel a bit rubbish. I expected to feel better today but instead I woke feeling like a bit of a cheat to be using patches and not going cold turkey. Sleep was good though. I opened the jars of snore cure which are there for my husbands occasional snoring. They are filled with marjoram and lavender and they definately helped my sleep. Still off the smokes. Getting cross with my husband who wanted to give up with me but has now welched on the deal and has not even attempted it. I am worried that after all my resolve on day 1 I will be tempted. Not now maybe, but in a couple of months when I am not so aware of what hell I have been released from. So, not a positive start to today. Boo.

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Same feelings


I am starting day 4 today as well and feeling a bit down about the whole thing, it seems like it is a phase and I will be back smoking at some point, but I guess the important thing is take a day at a time and keep of thinking that today we will make it as well.

Let's keep going!

Marta x


thanks, glad there is another day 4 person to talk to. Just had a slug of orange juice which helped. I suppose if you've had previous failures you are just waiting for this one to fail as well! Need to turn that on its head! This time is the last. Lets keep at it!!!


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