No Smoking Day

fat boy coming in !!!!!

hi guys

yep 2 stone heavier and just hit the 3 month mark

had a few problems with the smoking as you well know but on track and on the mend.

and the best bit is £275.00 not given to my mate brown for my roll up old holborn.

but £275.00 given to the bakers instead.

never mind ...loosing weight i can do

loosing me lungs ...err dont think so.



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Hi Timothy :D

Well done on 3 months quit you are doing great am so pleased for you I will make 3 months next week

onwards and upwards


welldone timothy,3 months .wow.good point you made about loosing ones lungs,,thats one of the reasons most people stoped smoking,just keep the faith tony


Well done Tim

Pleased to see you doing so well 3 months is great get to three month myself on the 23. How good are we.xxxxxxxxxxx


Hello Tim

You are doing great. I would say 'don't worry about putting on 2 stone' but that would be bollocks because it would bug me too. Hey, what you have done is prioritise what is important, and that is giving up smoking.

Just a thought - why don't you do a 'power walk' a day. I do 30 mins at 4.30pm daily. I walk really fast across the fields in my wellies.....look like a twat, but it keeps the weight off........ he he!

DM x


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