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No Smoking Day
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13 weeks wow

its 13 weeks or 91 days since my quit,,i say how good is that, a double wow wow to me :D:D im heading for the magic 100 hundred days,and nearer to the pent house,, i hope you linda and margeret are still right behine me;) time is going so fast,its frighting to think life is just passing us by so quick,,,. so we must make the most of it while we can,enbrace every moment ,day week,, etc etc,,its how i feel at this moment,,, weather its cause i have stoped smoking,just dont know,but it feels gooddddd..do any of you feel extry good since you stoped smoking,,as i say we all must keep the faith tony

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Congrats to you Tony 13 weeks that great going mate. you sound on top of the world. So pleased for you mate.xxxxxxxx


i do feel real good at the mo,,dont know why,but i do :D:D


Well done, Tony.

You should be proud of yourself, and it's so good to see you doing so brilliantly.


cheers stu for that


Good stuff Tony, glad to hear you're feeling so good, I feel miles better with not smoking, I always have on any quit which really makes me wonder why I've ever gone back??

Any more fishing done yet?


not at the mo john,had our first fishing meeting on sunday went well,, cant wait to get bact to the club matches,,so much fun ,lot of banter,,,first match is on the 15th o march,,cant wait, you done much fishing john,,speak to you soon tony


Not been out yet Tony, I have an old freezer in my garage with about a dozen mackeral in it which were caught last summer and kept in anticipatiuon of some winter piking. Unfortunately the freezer doesn't seem to be working too well at mo and the whole garage stinks of mackeral, time for a bit of pre baiting for pike I think, so I'm hoping to get out maybe on Saturday for an hour or two.

I might join a club this year, used to always have the wee lad with me but he has lost a bit of interest I think.


john shame about your lad loseing interest in fishing,,i read in angling times that they are useing single hooks rather than treable hooks for pike,never fished for pike, so dont know much about hooks for pike,,let me know how you get on at the week end ,,tight lines john,,speak to you soon tony



well done on reaching 13 weeks !! keep going you are doing brill !!!:D

Tracey x


Hi Tony - 13 weeks, that's fab!

You have done so well and I'm glad you are feeling so good. I have started feeling really good in the last couple of weeks. Maybe because I like myself a lot more - I really hated the fact I smoked, I thought it was weak-minded, unhealthy as well as smelly! Now I feel healthier and happier.

Thank you for your inspiration Tony.

ps I still haven't been fishing this year - I know you tried to convince me that cold weather shouldn't stop me but I'm a bit of a wimp I think!


jerry lee,you are not a wimp,,you will go fishing when you are ready and not before,thank you again for your support,, once again,every one on here so quick to give there suport,,glad jerry lee you to feel so good as well,as i thought i was the only one,feel so goodddddd,,should have done it years ago,,if and when you read this post lets all have a great big group hug:D:D:,oooooo thats feels better;);im still keeping the faith tony


Hi Tony :D

13 weeks that is fantastic well done you truly awesome of course Linda and I are right behind you and you are right it is frightening how fast time is going

It is not just you Tony I feel wonderful since I gave up smoking as well :D :D

Keeping the faith

Love Margaretxxxxxx


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