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been very busy

had a very busy week end,,but as they say [ IM BACK ] how are all you newbies getting on,, keeping the faith i hope so..,went on to the general post read a few ,,came off it,could not be arsed with all the squableing that went on ,,,sorry about the spelling,,if we all remember that this is a fourm to help people to stop smokeing ,,the best thing to do is not to post on the general post,,just keep away from it,,so just keep the faith tony

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Hi tony

Welcome back, and I agree about the general forum it is boring the hell out of me. Stick with it. :)



will do wayne cheers


Hello Tony

Soooooooooooo lovely to have you back missed you lots hows things with you and your family. xxxxxxx


very good thank you linda,,my little great grandaugter is keeping us all very busy..she is my little angle love her to bits.aaaaaaaaaaa big softy tony


Hi Tony

T popped on the general whan I came home for lunch had my say and came off it seems useless to try and talk to them at the moment :mad:

As Linda says good to have you back :D

Hey aren't we all big softees about our grandkids bless em?????? :D

Keeping the faith



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