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newbi day 5

Starting day 5 today using both gum and patched. Going alright so far except the odd cravings and emptiness you get in your life. 1 quit for 3 months last year and caved 3 months ago using an on old excuse of a relative passing away so I run to the shop and smoke myself out, I felt disgusting afterwards… not a big fan of NRT but it does work for me.

Now the old thoughts came back of im I not going to be able to smoke ever again which haunts me.

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Hi Againandagain,

Now into my fifth week, had one relapse when I had a ciggie 10 days ago which I reported on here. I still get thoughts of cigarettes and how am I going to do without them for ever. What I have done (and it may not be conventional) is to stop telling myself that cigarettes are banned. They are there if I want them, if I want to smoke I can do so and there is no-one to stop me. Its just the thought that I am not allowed them that makes me want them. When I know I can have them if I want then I don't want them!! Make sense? - suppose not but I am not a conventional quitter. Any banned substance makes you want it more so don't ban it.


Now the old thoughts came back of im I not going to be able to smoke ever again which haunts me.

This might sound obvious but your quit is always going to be tough if you want to smoke. It doesn't matter what you use to help you quit and even the most anti-NRT person would still rather you quit than quit using their method.

The common thread is that you must understand why you smoked because only then can you approch your quit from a position of strength.

Not wanting to smoke and then dealing with the effects of not smoking tends to be the easiest method of quitting.

Not wanting to smoke usually comes from education as to the futility of the habit not from a health or finance viewpoint but everyone seems to have their own way facing their adversary.

Once you despise the habit the thought of not doing it ever again will be a comfort rather than a nightmare.

Stay strong :)


Hi Again and again

Well done on day 5 but I agree with Austinlegro so my advice is read, read and then read some more so just hang in there

All the best


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