No Smoking Day

Dreaming of buffalos!


day 3 for me. Last night was hard. My husband still smoking was very difficult. I knew there were smokes in the house. Held strong and after he had been out to the garage to have one (he is banned from smoking even out of the back door) I was glad. He smelt horrible! I dreamed of elephants chasing buffalos chasing big black dogs last night. This is the second night of of spooky dreams. Also, sore mouth, sore tongue, a worse than smokers cough cough and I am paranoid I smell! Is this normal????!!

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Hi there

My boyfriend is still smoking too so I know how you feel, but just stay strong and keep reminding yourself of why you give up, thats what i try to do, it helps a little.

I have spooky dreams too, I think maybe a side effect of the patches. What are you using? or are you cold turkey?

I have ulcers on my tongue which is a side effect if giving up smoking, I have come out in what they call "Quitzits" too, on my face:(

I believe that your body is just getting rid of all the poison and thats why we have all these problems when we give up and should settle soon.

Keep it up xx




Thank you so much for replying. I have found that posting on here when I get an urge relieves my urge! Yes, I am on patches. I have failed on these before but been succesful on allen carr. I then fell off the wagon and lost all faith in not only that but anything to do with NRT as he did not believe in those! I have joined a non smoking clinic at my local chemist and the blowing into the carbon monitor helped to see how much rubbish was in my lungs. The fact that I can't cheat as I will have to blow into it again a week on Friday is also another good incentive, especially as the chemist is my daughters Brownie pack leader! Its good to see someone else battling with a smoker at home has also been succesfull. I am jealous you are so far along though!!! Have you found it hard?


Hi fiona

The first week is the hardest babes. just take it a day at a time and the weeks soon pile up. My OH quit with me in nov but i seen him having a fag out the back sunday morning. HEHE silly git. your doing great mate.xxxx


Hi Fiona,

You can do it, My wife still smokes so I know how you feel, stay strong and you will win.



Hi Fiona, husband still smokes too, and I really love the fact that when he comes in stinking, i'm not. I also DO NOT envy him sitting outside in the cold, rather enjoy sitting inside in the warm thankyou.

Stay strong and focus on each day by day. I'm coming to my 4th week and can absolutely assure you that it gets easier, and every day you will feel stronger and more chuffed with yourself.

Good luck.


Thanks for that! I feel much better. This forum is inspiring. I wish I had found it years ago. I am so grateful to everyone who takes the time to read all these posts and support the quiters. I am resolved to make sure I give as well as take on this forum. Thanks again to all of you!


Hi fiona

Welcome to the forum!

Well done on your 3 days quit so far that is great keep going especially as i know it might be a bit tougher with the hubby still smoking .

As for the dreams i think it is normal lol i have had dreams about chocolate rabbits chasing polar bears and still dream some weird stuff :o

Tracey x


Your chocolate rabbits definately beat my buffalos! Funny!!!


hi fionacox,,well done on day 3 you are doing so well,,but there are lots of side affects when you stop smoking ,your buffalos is just one of menny,,you get to 72 hours,and most of the battle is won,,99% of smoking is all in the mind at this stage of your quit,,but as the song says,, WE SHOLD OVER COME,,remember fionacox,, weather you smoke or not the crave will go,so you just keep the faith tony lol


Hi Fiona :)

You are doing really well 3 days already I would sooner have your buffaloe's than the vampires I had a couple of times

The first week is definately the hardest so it will soon start to get better for you so just hang in there

Best Wishes Margaretxxx


Hi again Fiona

Yes i have found it hard, but i just take one day at a time, i am having a bad evening, really want one tonight, but i am not going to.

I have noticed that the cravings are getting less often which is good.

You will have good and bad days, but please stay strong, we will get through this, and just remember you are not missing out by not having one, you are gaining so much :D

Just message me if you ever need to.



Hi Yok

I am so sorry you are having a bad evening but well not for not giving in and you are right about the craves getting less strong it will get better and better


You are doing so good, with your OH smoking that is having double the will power, I am not sure if I could!

I am also having very strange dreams but I am on Champix.

Great to share the experience and we will be talking on day 4!



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