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Day 4 today

Day 4. :p Not feeling overly thrilled about another day but have lost the anger from yesterday. Slept better last night too (thank goodness!) although I feel more physically tired today. I know the tightness in your chest is normal but it's really getting to me today. In fact, odd as it may sound, everything feels wound up tight like a spring - chest, head, stomach. According to the literature almost all the nicotine should be out of my system now. It's the 'what do I do now' that's scary. I've tried endless times to quit before and I'm just hanging on to the comments that 'life does get better'. (For anyone out there - what does 'better' really mean apart from the phyisical benefits). I have (had?) a great life, it was only smoking that got to me - my dirty, secret crutch. Problem is, I don't feel good about my life currently and I'm NOT smoking. Life seems quite bleak and grey. It's like a Stephen King novel where the fog has rolled in and I'm sitting in the middle of it. It's almost like the enjoyment has been sucked out of my life. I'm telling myself 'this too shall pass' over and over and over ... Not getting a lot of work done and trying not to feel sorry for myself. Hope any other Day 4's out there are sticking with it too.

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Morning Jackie

Sorry your feeling a little low this morning. But honestly its all the nicotine leaving the body the first week is hard but after the first 4/5 days things get better. its early days yet there is light at the end of the tunnel. At the bottom of some members posts there are links have a good read may make you see things different. keep strong your doing fab.xxxxx


Hi Jackie,

You say you had a great life, and it was only smoking that got you down, so if you had not smoked your life would have been even better because you wouldn`t have had the guilt over smoking to dampen your enjoyment.

For me my life has improved because I now have more energy and time for my grandchildren, no running off to have a fag. :o



Hi, Jackie, hope your feeling better by the time this post comes up.

Day four and five were the toughest for me. At one point when I thought a smoke would cure everything, I went out into the garden (never smoked in the house), and stood there for 3/4 mins, the sort of time it would take to smoke a cigarette, and spent that time thinking how would a cigarette really improve that situation, other than dampen down the nicodemon for 30 mins or so. I could not actually think of an improvement, what I actually thought of was some of the facts I had learned about smoking, and the reasons I wanted to stop. I became aware of how nice I smelt, my hands, breath, clothes etc.

I am nearly 4 weeks quit now, and have had other situations just like the one above, but I still haven't found one where a smoke would have helped.

Every time you get through a situation that you associate with smoking, a bit of that association dies. I used to enjoy :confused: a smoke in the morning, after dropping the girls to school, nice and quiet, cup of coffee on my own. I still do the cup of coffee thing, I made myself, and it was tough for a few day, but only for a few minutes at a time. Now it's no problem.

Please don't think there's nothing to look forward to. There's everything to look forward to. Your life is no different now, other than there are a few couple of minute slots where you perhaps have to take a deep breath, stay calm. Find ways to divert your thoughts, music, joke books, puzzles, TV. anything. It only has to be for a couple of minutes.

Deep breath now, you'll be great.


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