No Smoking Day

My superstitious kick in the ass

I'd been wanting to quit for a while,

smoked for (only..) 4 years- 21 years old so it's best to kick it before it got outta hand. I wanted to play hockey, without weezing after every shift. I wanted to be confident in public, without having a dam crutch with me all the time.

there were many reasons, but I could never do it.

Then one night, my last smoke in the pack, standing outside on my front step, the snow outside is melting in the night after a warm winters day, I suddenly decide:

This is going to be my last smoke. (yeah right, you say that after every last smoke in the pack, right?)

SO anyways, the smoke is burning away ever so quickly, till about halfway down and i say to myself: "ok, if this is your last smoke, you must smoke it STRAIGHT to the filter, and enjoy every last second of it."

and as i lift my last savoury stick to my lips a DRIP, falls off the overhang and soaks my cigarrette to an unsmokable state.

i sit there, stare at it for about 30 seconds (half in shock, i suppose), then say: "ok that's it."

and that's been it, over a month and i am feeling strong. the good thing about this quit is that it's not superstition driving it-- that was just a dam good kick in the arse for a weird eccentric kid trying to be healthy again.


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What a fabulous wierd eccentric kid that you are!!! well done sweetie xx


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