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Along with the normal ways to quit CT like lists of why I needed to quit, reading everything I could get my hands on, + telling my husband(who hasn't smoked for 36 years) that I had just smoked my last cig, I found a way that helped me with the cravings. Hopefully it can help someone else. First, I am extremely committed to my quit and take it very seriously. Second, I'm not a mental case, although the following may put me in that catagory for some people who read this. I saw a commerical for one of the quit smoking drugs where they showed a picture of little nico-demon finger puppets popping up in a brain telling the owner of the brain to smoke and that they had to have a cig. These nico-demons were really ugly - wrinkled, yellow and brown. Anyway, whenever I had a craving and wanted to light up a cig for whatever reason(and believe me I came up with some weird reasons!) I would envision the ugly little guys in my brain and hit them with a hammer telling them to go away that I was stronger and smarter than they were! It was so absurd that I would laugh(mentally - not out loud - didn't want the men in white coats to show up and take me away!) By the time I finished with this mental image, the craving would be gone. If this sounds too weird, maybe you can just remember it when the cravings come to you and laugh about the crazy lady who wrote in the forum and by the time you finish, your craving will be gone too.

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Hi Jody,

I have to say I loved the imagery little nicodemons getting bashed. if it works go for it. Well done so far :) and good luck in the future.



WARNING - this is a mental image. Do not smash your skull in with a hammer. It may work, but probably not for the reason you would wish.


I agree that it really helps to have a visual picture of the nico-demon then you can picture yourself smashing him with a hammer!

It has definitely helped me - I think it was cfeest who posted a picture of the nico-demon on this site.


hi 49,,good post,like your little demon,love the hammer bit:D the main thing is it helps you to stay quit,so you go for it,,you just keep the faith tony


Me to Jody I think they are great

whatever helps has got to be a plus I had a little giggle at the thought of hitting them with a hammer

Onwards and upwards

All the best



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