No Smoking Day
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Day 13!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Normal 3 cups of tea while rushing around making breakfast for my boys (8 & 14 ).

1st stop school run, drive to work with a positive attitude and put a smile on my face while saying morning to everyone. Lunch time, new routine, no going home, nice walk to the shops for some fresh air and a bag of mints to munch on in the afternoon.

Easy peasy work.

3.30 school run,,,,,, yeap the day goes down hill from here................... stroppy 14 year old wants to give me attitude, I shout back then shut myself in the kitchen while making tea which I know will be wasted and thrown in the bin.

5pm the house seem to be carm again, boys in there bedrooms while I surf the net.

Give up nagging about school uniform and homework ..........

I know at 6pm THE SIMPSONS WILL BE BLARRING AROUND THE HOUSE....................... must keep it together.

Does anyone else have this horrible tea time part of the day, I would normally put my body outside for a cig.................


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Hi Jan,

With kids You dont need patience you need cages :D:D, seriously though you are doing great I am glad you made through today well done.



Well done jan

Your doing fab mine are grown up now 31,28,and 25 none live at home. But remember it well to be honest wish I was back yhere some times. still go out side just have deap breaths.xxxx


Hi Jan :D

Day 13 well done you keep it going like Linda my kids all grown up with kids you don't just need patience and cages you also need to be a saint at times and I never did have a halo ah well

onwards and upwards

Love Margaretxxxxx :)


What a fab group of friends I have found :)

Cages................. like that idea alot.

go outside....... hey yeah I can still do that without a cig.

Halo............... where can I get one from

Seriously thanks so much.

Hope your all doing well.

Think I might be additive to this site, I find it to be really helpful.



Jan :D

You used to be able to buy them in woolworths

unfortunately when I was a smoker {dirty woord that}

could never afford one

not sure where to go now

;) ;)


Hey Jan,

That all sounds *so* familiar!! Almost identical to our house (I`m away just now working though).

Can certainly relate to the "attitude" that you mention from the dear offspring! Isn`t it just fun??!!

You`re a saint staying on target despite all this.. we head into week 3 tomorrow.. yeayyy!!

Having good friends on here is certainly a big help; so glad that I found the place.

Keep it up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Morning Jan

Hope your feeling less stressed todayHEHE. Kids in school make the most of it. Maybe treat your self for being so good .xxxxx


Totally with you Jan, I've an 18yr old and a 16 yr old, my daughter @ 18 isn't too bad now, over the worst, son @ 16, even though I regard him as my best mate, things have got ugly at times between him and I, they would drive you mad at times. Wish I could go back to when they were 8 and 6, I remember I used to tell them they weren't allowed to get any older, did they listen? Do they ever, lol


thats what happens when you feed kids, they get bigger and turn in to nice teenagers,, you wish,,when they reach about 5or 6 they should stop growing,,dont you all agreey,life would be so ease keep the faith tony


Hi Tony

Easier maybe but we would never get them of our hands or have the grandkids we all love so much


you are so right marg,at the mo i have my great grandaughter on my lap,trying to bang on the key board,,what the hell,here goes tytymtyyuu8ilrdfjdgrjoriorkorkorko;rkl;klrkorororkorko,,,thats her typing not bad for 5 months love her to bits lol tony keep:D:D:D


Hi Tony

Hate to say it but I TOLD YOU SO we are all big softies where they are concerned give her a hug from me and tell her that her typing is great wonderful in fact for a 5 month old bet you spoil her rotten

You keep :D to not hard with the little ones around is it

Love Marg

PS don't mind the Marg thats what I was called at work but please do not call me Maggie I hate itxxxxxxxx


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