good morning all

Thank you for your support this board has helped me to quit smoking,its a new day and I am feeling very positive every now and then I still get the (want on me ) to have a cig, my wife smokes I try to be helpfull by not asking her to stop smoking but I do not want to be hard as I smoked for nearly 35 years and don,t belive that trying to be a (look at me I stoped) type of person,:) but I would be over the moon if my wife gave it a go:)Jimbo

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  • Morning Jimbo,

    Good luck with another day free of the dirty habit.

    Who knows your wife might follow suit :D


  • Morning Jimbo,

    I am glad you are feeling better, dont worry about the wanting a fag thing it gets easier. I know what you mean about the wife, mine still smokes too, maybe one day she will quit but it has to be her choice.


  • Good morning Jimbo,have a great day.

  • Jimbo

    Glad you feel better

  • Good day Jimbo

    So pleased your still with us mate.xxxxxxxxx

  • hi jimbo,, my wife smokes and i know how you feel about not wanting to say look at me i dont smoke,,the longer i stop smoking the more the smell of smoke gets to me grrrrrr,,,.you will have more good days than bad ones jimbo,but belive me you will get there in the end,,look at how lots of us on here smoked 30 plus a day,and just said thats it, no more fags and stoped,and still going strong,, so jimbo you just keep the faith tony

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