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Dissapearing faces

i stil have my once a day visit to this site, and it has really helped.

although when i first joined back at day 1 i remember loads of ppl in the same boat as me around the same time as me.

subconsiously (i cant spell :( ) i remember them because i wasnt alone at the time. recently im starting to see less and less posts from these ppl if any at all. im writing bout this because im a bit gutted at the moment, i hope there all doing ok.

At the middle of my no smoking campain, 1 of the reasones i did not smoke was because i didnt want to let any1 else down especialy on here every1 has put in the effert and support for me i wasnt going to waste it, but now i realise that if any1 told me of a relaps i would be gutted for them and not blame them at all, it happens. maybe there finding it ok without the site who knows. i guesse through times like these you choose ur friends and you start to care bout ppl on here.

p.s im not a good speller (dislexic) so please bare with my spelling :o

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Hi Sourlink

Glad you are still around you are doing fine yes it is sad when people disappear of the forum but maybe they are having a break who knows be strong you know you can do this onwards and upwards

Jim I Have been wondering about meat and 2 veg as well haven't heard from him lately also one or two others have not been around for a few days

All the best to you both




You guys have helped me alot.............. thanks guys.

Nice to not be on our own.


Hello you,

I am REALLY pleased that you are still quit and you are doing brilliantly. Most people are still here I think, but just going through a quiet posting period. How is your quit going? Mine is still variable. On day 22 now (woo hoo) but still having cravings (boo hoo).

Look forward to hearing from you

DM x


It is a fact that some people would rather read than post, and that's great. As long as they get what they need to help them.

It's also a sad fact that some people fail in their quit - but that's OK too. Most people fail a few times before succeeding. As long as you learn from a failed quit then it's actually a success!

But you are doing great, sourlink - really great, don't question it.... just keep going!


Yes Sour, many monkeys who had been on every day have disappeared recently, dunno whether it's to do with the recent 'events' or they just don't need the forum and have forgotten about those who may gain something from their experiences, or they have relapsed.

I'm still here though, you're going well so keep it up :D


I still log on to see how other people are doing and to keep myself on the straight and narrow so to speak but to be honest in doing so it reminds me of smoking!! Strange I know but I don't think that much now about ciggies until I log on here and then that starts my thoughts off and I can't stop thinking about fags!


I've been reading everyday and still getting a lot of encouragement from everyone'sw posts. The reason I haven't been posting myself is because nothing much has happened. On day ten I hit complete fatigue - now on day twenty two and I'm still in exactly the same place.

Not such a bad thing perhaps because I haven't actually felt energetic enough to want to dampen things down with a cigarette. Hopefully, I just get better and better slowly. I'm sure I can't be getting any worse by not smoking, can I?



ur exactlt right phil, :) good job


Hi Sour, I disappeared for a week because things were just too horrible to post about - I mean it is nice to be able to give people inspiration but I really had nothing to contribute just a load of moaning. I agree with Biddy too that it does remind you of the quit - all very confusing eh..

Anyway - I didn't give in although friends and family actually advised me to go back to smoking and try quitting another time - just knew I couldn't go through this again and things have been better today - light at the end of the tunnel etc.

Good on you - you're doing fab - keep it up


Hi penny

So sorry you been having a hard time but soooooooooo pleased you are feeling better today. never feel like you cant come here and rant away we all feel like that at some time. We are here for each other and some times writing our feelings down helps. Hope things really improves for you from now on and well done for not smoking. How long have you been quit now? xxxxxxxxxxxx


hiya penny

ur doing fab to, at this time in your life al though its really bad u are doing 1 of the best things you could ever do (give up the cancer sticks), look i come on here and moan sometimes its nice to get it of ur chest. dont feel as though you have to come on here with a smile and big head every day, have ur moan and me and the rest will be there to help. carry on doing so well :o


Hi guys, thanks so much for the support - lovely to wake up to! Linda, thanks for being my first friend - it means a lot. I'm hoping the worst is over but not holding my breath :confused: On day 26 now and am so pleased I haven't given in - yey...

Alright Sour, you asked for it - I'm going to be moaning non-stop from now on :)

Hoping I'll be in the position to help others at some point - I'm sure it'll happen someday.

Best xxxxxxxxxxxxx


you stick with it penny,you are stronger than that,,,as the song says,,,YOU CAN DO IT IF YOU REALY WANT ,just keep the faith tony


Good on ya Penny, moaning about it is a two way process anyway, if you moan about feeling bad we get to feel good about being past the stage you're at. You get advice from people and know they have got through what you're going through so you can do it too.

Everyone's a winner - if tony can quote songs then I'm damn sure I can :D


now now john:D:D


Hi Penny lane

Sorry you have been feeling under the weather but glad you now feel better

Well done on 26 days it can only get better onwards and upwards :D

Beat Wishes



I have been wanting to keep posting but for a little while this forum was reminding me of smoking too much so i stayed away for a bit.I have now got over that and im feeling really good.:)


nice 1 stevie :cool: , keep it up people


nice to see you are ok now stev,gets hard some times,but they dont last to long,,just keep the faith tony


Still Here

Thanks for posting this Sourlink.

I didn't want to complain too much either. I figured that since everyone here has gone through similar experiences I wasn't writing anything new or interesting.

So here's something old and boring:

Why am I so *&8%# cranky?

Why, on day fourteen, am I craving more than I did a week ago?

When will I stop feeling so *&8%# cranky?

Wheeew. Thank you, all you fine, healthy, nonsmoking people.


hello stop

day 14 is great. the mood swings come on through nictine withdrawal, its a sign that ur addiction is pannicking and needs its fix but you know better, keep possitive it all gets better. dont wait for it to get better, it will in its own time. the start of week 3 was hard for me to, but here i am coming to the end of week 4 and i can go a long time now without thinking of them (bragging rights we have all earned them :D) chin up. onwards and forwad


Hi Guys

It really does get better and never be worried about coming here for a grumble or whatever we will help if we can

onwards and upwards


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