No Smoking Day

5 months today

Hi all.

I quit smoking on the 7th September 2008 so today I have been smoke free for exactly 5 months and I have saved approx £800 in doing so. To say that I am proud of myself is a bit of an understatement.

I can say that I have had a few craves and tantrums over the months and times when I could have "killed" for a fag but something has happened this week that brought my stupid wobbles into perspective.

Not sure if I have told anyone here what I do for a living but this week I have unfortunately had to arrange the funeral of a 19 year old lad. During one conversation with his mum, the subject of smoking came up. She quit 4 years ago and said that since his death she has wanted a cigarette really really badly BUT she is determined not to have one as

a) it isn't going to bring him back

b) she will still be grieving after she has stubbed it out

c) she will end up being a smoker again and she is adamant that that is not going to happen

I certainly will think about her every time I have a "slight desire" for a fag.



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Kinda puts it all into perspective, doesn't it?

Congrats Bernie.... you deserve to feel as proud of yourself as you do :D


Hi Bernie


5 months is fantastic well done you

that poor boys mother but she is right nothing can bring him back


Congrats Bernie on 5 months thats great.:D:D:D


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