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No Smoking Day
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Over 18's Room

There should be an over 18's room, and before anyone starts I'm not looking for all the girls to upload pictures (pm's are welcome though clicksmilies.com/s1106/tier...

Back to the point, I really feel like I want to swear a lot though, I'm sitting listening to my Ipod through my stereo, OH is away out, got myself some cider - rhymes with Nagners - this is one of those times though, those few times that a fag is just the business, I'm chewing my lip like some sort of E- head or summat. BIG BAD WORDS, BUM, TWAT, TURD, COCK ETC

I can do the pub thing, no probs, but this is another level, it's not oooh I need a fag, I can deal with that, it's more the fact that I do actually know a fag would be great now, there would be no let down, no anti climax, I know it would be good.

EEEEEH, this is the worst I've had it so far AAAAAAGGHHHHHHHHHHHHH.

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ooooohhhhh great big bloody bas**@d sh**ty F@*8king CYBERHUG sent your way-F*@* the nicodemons they are playing with yer head!!!!! have another drink and laugh out loud....... or dance like a bloody idiot!!!

love me xx


Hi John

Ohhhhhhh dear you are in a state aren't you ;) do everything Shabba say's and then listen to me

I promise you a fag will not help {you only think it will}

A Fag will not will not make anything better

I am not going to lecture you I do not have that right but

Please listen to me this is important

Think about it and you will know what the problem is

This is that sneaky B..........d Nicotine Monster

He is trying desperately to get you back in his power


Now a big cuddle is on it's way to you

hang in there

love Margaret


Margaret, Shabba, you're missing Johns point, methinks.

This is surely something that EVERYONE on this site can understand and empathise with - we used to ENJOY smoking! Simple as that.

Yes, we know how bad they are for our health, our pockets, our dependents and our curtains ... but ... we used to smoke because we enjoyed it.

I've seen a couple of posts on here where posters had said, in terms of reasons for stopping, that they'd stopped enjoying smoking - and that's something I'd agree with - the last few months before I stopped I was smoking less and less because I'd stopped enjoying it ... BUT ... that first one of the day (always my favourite) sat on the back step with a coffee - I ALWAYS enjoyed that one.

John's just saying - I think - he'd ALWAYS enjoy a fag with his Tangiers and Ipod.

It's THOSE fags which are hardest to give up - and surely we all have (or had) fags like that, so surely we can all empathise?

Morning everybody peeps.


With you on this one Jim my good man :D


Jim, nail, head and all that, there were some really good fags, only 1 in every packet probably but we did enjoy them. I did stop enjoying smoking probably a year or two after I started but the good one's were always there to keep me at it.

I got through last night ok, just a bit high spirited, actually had forgotten about wanting a fag after a couple more Lagner's, those are the moments I will struggle with and hopefully they don't occur where I have easy access to fags, I may come very close to breaking :eek:


Sorry, but the fags I actually enjoyed are a very long time ago. I can't remember enjoying smoking.... sad isn't it?

I know I did... I just can't remember the feeling.

For probably the last 10 years I smoked because I seemingly didn't have a choice... I wanted out but hadn't yet found the way. I hated it but couldn't stop it.

So, I can't relate... sorry. Most things said on here I can relate to, but I honestly don't remember enjoying smoking.

One thing I do know though.... you are here because your reasons to quit outweigh your reasons to smoke. That's the long and the short of it. You must have known there would be moments when you want to have a smoke... I mean really want to, not crave one... but want one.

You knew this and still decided that quitting was the option that made most sense to you.

With that in mind, the choice is simple.

Isn't it?


Stuart - I must say, I find that amazing - not saying I don't believe you, but you actually did something for a decade which gave you NO enjoyment, which you knew was damaging your health, and cost a fortune??

Firstly, I hope this doesn't sound too smug :o


I thought I enjoyed it at the time I was doing it - and that was the excuse I gave every time I slipped back after a quit....

But I didn't.

It was this realisation, about 2 weeks into this quit that makes it so easy to say that I will never smoke again. I know that the ONLY reason I was smoking was because I felt I had no choice.... even if there was no way I would ever have admitted that, even to myself.

This post I made at 13 weeks explains it better than I have here... nosmokingday.org.uk/forum/s...

That was the moment, somewhere between day 13 and 15, that I stopped trying to quit. I realised that I already had.


Excellent 13 week post that Stuart - think I can understand a bit better now why you had a little pop at me over my blip(s) ...

I now take quitting even more seriously since I learned my truth than I did before. I feel very disappointed every time I see a post like your one after your "blip"... I have also seen several people claim a "little blip" and then disappear a couple of days later, never to be seen again. I don't quite recall if that's happened since you've been here.

That is why my opinion is, and will always be that if you smoke then you aren't quit....

I know it's a bit of a hard line approach, but for me it's the only way.

Smug? Don't think so - but,we've all got reasons to be smug now....

Indeed we have.


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