snow and when you were a kid

do you all remember when it snowed as a kid,,what are your memories,,when i was a kid[ o so long ago ] we had to make our own enjoyment,,we were never in the house allways outside playing,hail rain or snow,,building great big snow men,used to rob my dads socks and use them for gloves,,snow ball fights,boys V girls,,all the girls back then were tom boys and they could hold ther own,9 times out of ten they would win,,wee in the snow to write our names,,good old days,for us kids back then ,,all changed now tony

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  • Hi Tony:)

    In the words of the song "Oh yes I remember it well"

    I lived in a small spread out village in Somerset though come to think of it the river bridge was the county border if you stood on top of the bridge you had a foot in Somerset and the other in Devon

    But back to topic Snow

    Any way us kids all had a great time we all gathered at the top of the hill on outskirts to make and roll a massive ball of snow down the hill this became the body a smaller one made the head twigs made arms and feet someone would "Borrow" Dads hat oh dear what a commotion that sometimes caused we could never see what the fuss was about Then we'd sledge down the hill usually on purloined tin trays or similar after which a great game of snowballs would warm us all up it was the one time of the year us kids all played together without any fighting

    Happy Days eh :D :D

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