No Smoking Day

I'm back !!

Hi all,

I dont know if anyone can remeber me from 2007 but I fell off the wagon after 5 months and have felt really guilty about it since then.

Anyway Im back and have stopped now for 33 days this time and Im determined to make this my last quit.I did'nt want to come in on day one as I needed to prove to myself I was determined enough to see this through.Now Im sure and feel I can help others at the same time. I used gum for the first two weeks to get me started but I've been CT since and feel really good.Reason for failing last time was purely emotional due to a relationship breakdown.I did'nt care about my health at that time as I could'nt see any reason to feel positive about anything.

Now got my life back together and it was'nt down to Mr Nic although he is lyinig in wait for me to stumble again.

Lesson learnt the hard way.

Bless you all

The Bear


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Welcome back Bear,

Let`s hope things work better for you this time, And well done on the 33 days show`s determination. Stick with it.



Welcome back, I wasn't here in 2007 - but congrats on your quit so far.

With an attitude like that, you can't fail but make it!


welcome back, me to am part of the new crew, but always happy to see some1 back on the wagon


Hi Bear

I wasn't here last time you were either but welcome back and well done on 33 days quit with your positive attitude I am sure you will make it Just hang in there

Best wishes


Updown and updown

yep felt the same way when i started smoking after 107 days of kicking the habit.

and i must admit i run away from this site for about a year and i think a lot of us have done this.

this little nicci demon is a killer in every sense of the word and i just managed to pull myself back from the edge when i smoked 3 ciggies a week ago because i nearly caved in but managed to kick myself and i class that day as a bad hair day.

silly really when i dont have a lot of hair.

i will be glad when i hit the magic 107 days so that i can fly past that date and carry on.

quit date 11 nov 2008

champix and doughnuts

now just doughnuts



Welcome back Bear, I imagine the info linked on here is a lot more informative than your last visit, I'm just over the five week and I've just realised I don't know how many days I've been free for - that feels good actually for some reason.

Good luck anyway and keep us informed of your progress


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