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i am on a fishing fourm,and we all know why the moderators are,so why dont the mods just tell us,,save all this bother on here,,after all this is a quit smoking fourm,bound to get a little heated some times.what about the new,,newbies that come on here ,what will they think of our fourm ,that you can not express how you feel,and watch what you post,,cant seam to put it in to words on here,,but can you see were i am coming from,,hope you lot do,,brain not working to good to day,,keep the faith tony

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Hi Tony

Yes I can see where you are coming from

I hope we haven't lost to many new quitters

That would be a shame as without this place

where would a lot os us be

I agree its a shame there is a lot of new quitters saying they are leaving because of the flare ups. how many will just leave or not join.xxxxx

lets all get back on track,,,keep the faith tony

Tony and Linda

I hope all the new quitters who have said they are leaving change there minds

Lets all go back to what we do best help each other

After all when you get any group of people all aiming for the same thing there are bound to be flare-ups

Keeping the faith

love margaretxxxxxx

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