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No Smoking Day
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Weird dreams!!

Unfortunately my weird dreams have all stopped in week 3.

I've had plenty of vivid dreams since quitting many that I wouldn't put on here but one of my favourites was being made the England Cricket Captain (I've never played cricket in my life) and getting lost walking from the changing rooms onto the pitch, I ended up walking the streets and then through a load of shops to try and get onto the wicket - I never made it lol.

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lol i thought dreams all held a hidden meaning? wonder what yours is lol

I no doubt do dream but struggle to ever remember them. Looks like it is a normal side effect from quitting though. Shame in a way i was looking forward to some weird dreams.




Ooooh - I had the wierdest, most vivid dreams ever in the first couple of weeks of quitting!

I think I sleep much better now though than when I was a smoker and I do still have the odd bizarre dream.

I think the best one was going to Alan Partridge's for a party! We were having a great time til we realised we had to pay for our drinks-I was disgusted that he couldn't stretch to providing drinks at his party!


You really should get out more Nicki !

Do you think?

You're probably right - I also dreamt about Noel Edmunds moving into the village, towing his three storey timber-framed house with him.

Yes - you are right I do need to get out more (if only they'd let me - I don't have the keys to my straight-jacket!)


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