No Smoking Day

smoking again

me again

screamed the other day that i wanted to smoke after giving up for 2 months and the fixation was mental.

fag / fag / fag

so bought some ciggies and yesterday saturday smoked 3 of them.

i resigned myself to the fact that i would never be a non smoker.

but after the 3rd ciggie i started working on my computer and i had a look at my quit meter and it said 2 months and 5 days not smoked.

i became very calm and said to my self why the hell would you give in so easy and like a big firework display going off in my head the cravings just went away.

well not touched a ciggie since then and happy that i feel i can now cope with this and the nicci demon nearly got me but managed to pull back.

this happened last year afyer 107 days of not smoking and the fixation of having a ciggie made me have a ciggie.

i think some people sail through this and some people fight each step of the way but sure that in the end the sun will be shineing.

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Hi Tim-thats quite a blip you had there!!!

hope you threw the rest of the packet away, as temptation will be there, remember, its all in the mind!! stay strong and keep away from those nico-demons xxx:o


It's a shame you gave in, but great that it made you see more clearly (once the smoke dispelled!)

All our quits are different, and yours still seems to be on course in spite of this little hiccup

Keep positive and keep stopped! :D



that was one massive blip hope if you had to slip it did the trick and you will now stay storng good luck


Tim, what a real shame that you gave in to the Nico Demon. Bet you are feeling so gutted i know i would.

Hopefully next time you wont cave in and will keep fighting.

Maybe it might be a good idea to re read everything again and get your self focused on the reasons for quitting, that helped me when i had a wobbly day.

Good Luck



part 2

and surprise surprise still no real cravings

and yes i threw the ciggies away.

could have spent the money on a mcdonalds.

tim xx




Sorry to hear that you gave in, but its great that you stopped it there.

No point dwelling on what has happened, it can't be changes. Use it as a final goodbye and become a non smoke from here on in.




:...possibly the only thing on the planet worse for your health than a packet of fags ...

Yeah but a big mac tastes better.:D


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