No Smoking Day

Gail Quit Smoking 11 Months Ago

I found this on another site and I could relate to what she said.I hope it gives some inspiration if you are just starting your quit or thinking of quitting.

I am just amazed! Amazed at me! Amazed I came this far! I can't believe I'm actually a WINNER!

Last year was the worst for me, but I quit. Then my year got even more horrible and I stayed quit. Then my health went crazy, but I still stayed quit. I felt like I was on the side of a mountain, and when I got up near the top, I'd tumble down again. I'd get up and head back up that mountain, determined to make it over the top.

Well, I made it over the top and I'm sliding down the other side, laughing and smiling because it isn't bumpy on this side of the mountain. It's a slide to a better lifestyle, better health, a happier me.

I can't even describe my happiness. It's hard to put it into words, but I am not as grouchy or as touchy as I was before I quit or even in those first few months of my quit. I am a much easier-going person today.

For example: I got on the plane to come home. I sat in my seat but didn't buckle up yet because I had an aisle seat and knew I would have to get up two more times. Well, I ended up getting up about 6 to 8 times because people picked the wrong seats. One woman had a dog and she had a hard time getting the poor thing out from under the seat when the person who really was supposed to sit there came in. I told her to take her time and not rush when she was trying to get the dog out from under the seat; that everything was okay. The woman sitting across from me looked at me afterwards and said that I had such a wonderful attitude - most people would have been very upset by now. 11 months ago I would have been huffing and puffing, tapping my foot, and tisk-tisking at the whole chain of events, but not anymore. Life is good.

I've changed my whole lifestyle in the past 11 months. Quitting smoking, working out, losing weight, and now heading down a new path back to vegetarianism, which may take me a bit to get totally back on, but I have gone organic when I can and definitely all natural in my foods. I think I look better, and I sure as heck feel a lot better these days. I can even walk up 3 flights of stairs and not get winded.

It is absolutely amazing how your whole outlook on life changes when you quit smoking. Your self-esteem gets so much better and you want to take those feelings and do other healthier things for yourself. Once you get out of one bad habit, it seems you want to keep going and break other bad habits. At least it has worked that way for me.

To all the newbies, just hang in there. This is so doable. It is very hard -I won't lie to you. You will rant, rave, cry, and throw temper tantrums. You'll try to rationalize why you should smoke and that you can have just one. You will be tired and angry for awhile. But you will be quit! That is the main thing. It gets so much better.

Yes, I still have a bad moment every so often, but it passes quickly now. I have the education I need for continued success in my WIN. I know those feelings will pass. I know about the triggers, the craves and the urges, and how to get around them. Educate yourself. You owe it to YOU, to your quit and to your loved ones. Read, read, read as much as you can on this horrible addiction and especially junkie thinking.

And to all those who have gone before me, my new-found friends, my mentors, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. You have helped me through some of the worst times in my life. I owe my quit to all of you, for without you I could not have gone this far. I love you all!

I wrote a poem dedicated to my forumily just for my 11th month:

A New Sense of Pride

The sun rises

As my day begins.

Revitalized, I meander

With emotions of

Life's consciousness.

Happy and content

I am able to cry,

Yet prepared to laugh.

Spirits high and proud,

I take each day

as it is predestined.

How full of life

I have become!

Awakening a rebirth of thoughts

Passionate and vivacious,

Resurrected in love of self

I have found a new inner strength.

On the edge of dreams

But still in reality,

I will walk forever

With a new sense of pride!

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Truly inspirational, just what i need at this moment in time. That has certainly inspired me to keep going, just hope i can.

Thanks for posting that Phil




Thanks Phil - that does really help.

I have been feeling quite ill for the last 2 days - nothing I can really put my finger on but SO shattered!

I ache all over and it's like flu symptoms but without the cold and cough.

I don't know if it's connected to me quitting or if I have a virus or something but right now when I'm feeling a bit low, it is good to read stuff like that.

Don't worry - I feel stronger than ever about quitting, I am on day 22 today and I have saved over £50 - money that I desperately need!


Aaaww thanks BB.

And thanks for the reminder about the icky threes - I shall be on my guard.

My lovely hubby has actually cooked me dinner tonight - he is by far the better cook!

A bath is a good idea - see I can take a hint ;)


Awww Jerry i didnt realise you felt low to hun :( I hope it isnt flu hun but if it is i hope you have a really fast recovery. We need you on here so you cant be ill for to long.

Saying that, it seems the side effects from quitting are endless and who knows it could well be another one showing its ugly face now.

You take lots of care hun and get well soon:)

Thinking of you




Thanks Denise

The annoying thing is - when I was smoking I was rarely ill. Then at 3am this morning I woke up with pains in my neck, shoulders and back. I was hot and cold at the same time so by 3.30am I had diagnosed myself with every life threatening illness that I could think of!

I feel better now than I did last night and I think a bath and an early night will see me right!

And I have the bonus of knowing that the longer I can quit the fags, the less likely that I will actually have one of those life threatening illnesses!!

Hope you are feeling ok? This quitting was never going to be an easy ride but it's nothing we can't handle eh?


It is a bit of comfort to know that you've suffered too BB!!!

I have just read in the 'tips' part of this forum a thread with 11 useful tips for quitting. One of the tips advises that symptoms such as tense muscles and a 'knotted stomach' (feels like a panic attack Denise) are common for a few weeks after the nicotine has left the body.

It is good to know that what we are going through is 'normal'!!


It is a bit of comfort to know that you've suffered too BB!!!

I have just read in the 'tips' part of this forum a thread with 11 useful tips for quitting. One of the tips advises that symptoms such as tense muscles and a 'knotted stomach' (feels like a panic attack Denise) are common for a few weeks after the nicotine has left the body.

It is good to know that what we are going through is 'normal'!!

Thank you Jerry, dont feel like i am going mad now. Comforting to know others are/have been through the same.

And yep we can knock back what ever is thrown at us hun, cause we are here till the end :)

Take care and feel well soon hun




I have that! coughing a bit and my throat feels weird and my ankle hurts and the joints in my hands, so knackered couldn't go to work today and went back to sleep until midday. really really unusual for me, 3 kids and work full time so not allowed to be sick and i don't know the last time i had to stay in bed for the morning, maybe the time i am not smoking is now spent on becoming a hypochondriac. gave up 5 jan.

Whoops on the upside, really proud of myself on staying quit, over £100 not spent on fags!, my teeth are lovely. My smoker's cough has gone, my skin is looking better.


Before I decided to do my quit I spoke to my doctor (who to be frank didn't think a quit at this time was advisable but then proceeded to give me a months supply of patches which I didn't want) but as, I think it was Nic said, any time is a good time to quit so I ignore my doctor. Anyway I was experiencing night sweats at the time I went to see her (and its not the change!) - she said unless there was some underlying illness night sweats were generally caused by anxiety. I am still getting them going into my third week so perhaps they are all part and parcel of the quitting. Even though we may not appear to be anxious perhaps subconsciously we are.


Great, I have some, if not all of these symptoms to look forward to :rolleyes: . Sweating an unusual amount in bed, randomly waking up at stupid o'clock in the morning, but no cough/sore throat, achy joints, lethargy as yet...

Thanks for the post Phil, definitely an inspiration whatever stage of your quit you're in!


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