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tempted,,, but

just back from my daughters with the wife, were they are all smokers,, i am 74 days in to my quit,so i thought i was in control,,but for one spilt moment i could haved killed for a i took the dogs down the garden,walked round for a bit,,then i took control of my self,,,,.. so you never know when the little bastard will rais his head to temp you,,so near ,wow,,,i am getting pissed off with the smell of smoke off the family,,i have said this before about my famify,,but cant say to much in case i hurt there feelings,,after all they are family..sorry just letting some steam off,,i am still keeping the faith tony

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Well done for staying strong.

You can let the rest of the family know that they stink, if the truth hurts then that's a shame but its still the truth!


I agree- Nic is right-if they smell of smoke they smell of smoke-tell them!!

If they support you then they will understand-i am having a house warming party next week, 2/3 smoke-i have told them they will have to smoke outside-i dont want my house smelling of their smoke!-if they dont like it then tough!

Probably wont have anybody attend!!!! hehe!!-(nah they all understand) and i have two heaters outside for them!

well done you are doing FABULOUS:o



you are more than welcome!!!

p.s -got loads of plumbing work to be done ready for my kitchen to be fitted -hehe xx


weres my ,invite shabby:D:D tony


Hey Tony, I'm glad for ya! Good thing you had the dogs there to defuse the situation some. You kept the faith! :p


Well done Tony,

It can still be really strong once in a while and it is sssSO easy to slip...



Thanks for that posting TonyX - you have made me feel so much better. I had a similar situation at the weekend - I really could have murdered for a fag, its the first crave I have had in 3 weeks but pretty chuffed that I resisted but the fact remains I really did want to have a cigarette. It scared me because I thought I was past that.


well done tony for keepimg the faith

I agree with nic tell the family if it hurts so be it they will get over it and anyway no doubt they have hurt you sometimes

Hey shabba are we all invited to the party, we won't smoke{ Honest Injun} if you get lucky may even help wash up



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